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Photoplay Jan.-Apr. 1960

We’ve reached the 1960s!

Cover girls and boys:
Jan. 1960: Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh and their daughters, Jamie Lee and Kelly Curtis.
Feb. 1960: Debbie Reynolds.
March 1960: Elvis
April 1960: And of course, Elizabeth Taylor. Liz would dominate Photoplay and other movie mags throughout the early-mid ‘60s.



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Photoplay Sep.-Dec. 1958

Cover girls and boys:

September 1958: Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, with Carrie and Todd Fisher

October 1958: Elvis in the army

November 1958: Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. As with Eddie and Debbie, and Natalie and Bob, Tony and Janet were featured on many covers as Hollywood’s perfect couple.

December 1958: Debbie Reynolds. Ah, let the Debbie-Eddie-Liz games begin!

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Photoplay May-Aug. 1957

Cover girls and boy:

May 1957: No, that’s not Elizabeth Taylor on the May cover– it’s Joan Collins

June 1957: Pier Angeli

July 1957: Elvis has entered the building!

August 1957: The effervescent Natalie Wood

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