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Photoplay Jan.-Apr. 1924

  • Cover girls (l.-r., in order of appearance): Barbara LaMarr, Corinne Griffith, Pola Negri, Sylvia Breamer.
  • These cover portraits seem languid…somber…serious, don’t they–no sunny colors or smiling visages here.

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Photoplay Jan.-March 1923

Photoplay Jan 1923

  • The toothsome Douglas Fairbanks makes the January cover!
  • Pola Negri, who got a big write-up in the May 1922 issue, makes the February cover.
  • July 1922’s cover boy, Rudolph Valentino, continues to be press fodder and a new continuing feature “Valentino’s Life In Hollywood” begins in the February issue.
  • Claire Windsor adorns the March 1922 cover.

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