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Photoplay Oct.-Dec. 1923

Photoplay Oct 1923

  • Cover girls (in order of appearance): Alla Nazimova, May Allison, Constance Talmadge.
  • The Nazimova cover really stands out, doesn’t it? No flowers, no hat, no sunny yellow-orange background.
  • As that cover suggests, Nazimova was just as singular an actress. She was theatrically-trained and had appeared in Ibsen and Chekhov on Broadway before moving over to the silver screen. Here she is with Valentino in a 1921 screen adaptation of Camille. Photo from the great site




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Photoplay May-Sep. 1923

Photoplay Sep 1923

  • Cover girls (l.-r., in order of appearance): Lois Wilson, May McAvoy, Pauline Garon, Marion Davies, Eleanor Boardman.
  • Boy, hats sure were de rigueur back then, weren’t they? 🙂
  • January cover girl Lois Wilson would later star as Daisy in the first known screen adaptation of The Great Gatsby (1926).
  • Thanks to Citizen Kane, today April cover girl Marion Davies is known primarily for her relationship with William Randolph Hearst. Her career warrants re-examination; she appeared in many silent films and was especially noted for her comedic roles.
  • The May issue features an article by April cover girl Barbara LaMarr on “Why I Adopted a Baby.”
  • The June issue features “A Star in Search of Her Soul” about the very successful and famous serial queen Pearl White.

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Photoplay April 1923 – Barbara LaMarr


  • April’s cover girl is Barbara LaMarr, known as the “girl who was too beautiful” thanks to Adela St. Rogers’s article in the July 1922 Photoplay.
  • Pauline Frederick is profiled. She was a well-known stage actress who made her onscreen debut at the “advanced” age of 31.
  • And yes, yet another feature on Valentino! This one purports to detail his “Hollywood Life.”

Here’s a LaMarr photo I have on Pinterest.


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Photoplay Jan.-March 1923

Photoplay Jan 1923

  • The toothsome Douglas Fairbanks makes the January cover!
  • Pola Negri, who got a big write-up in the May 1922 issue, makes the February cover.
  • July 1922’s cover boy, Rudolph Valentino, continues to be press fodder and a new continuing feature “Valentino’s Life In Hollywood” begins in the February issue.
  • Claire Windsor adorns the March 1922 cover.

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More Valentino and Rambova

As mentioned last time, the December 1922 Photoplay devoted space to Rudolph Valentino and his wife Natacha Rambova (some sources indicate they may not have been actually married at the time, but they would marry later).  They were a glamorous couple whose visages adorned many a periodical.

  • Below, James Abbe’s famous 1923 Vanity Fair portrait of Valentino and Rambova.annex-valentino-rudolph_03
  • A similar composition may be seen on the September 1923 cover of Motion Picture magazine.



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