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1924: More Barbara LaMarr

Some more Barbara LaMarr covers from 1924:

Picture-Play magazine, February 1924. Image from the always fascinating site.10afd0074f2e096ecbe38ece3cfa0f72


Motion Picture magazine, May 1924. Here’s an image from the Little Hokum Rag blog. 1924maymotionpicture1


And in case you were wondering: in the late 1930s Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler–a young European actress (and later, inventor) who was new to Hollywood–was renamed Hedy Lamarr, after Barbara LaMarr. It’s said Louis B. Mayer was the one who did the rechristening.lmf90a4jyc6464hedy lamarr



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Photoplay Jan.-Apr. 1924

  • Cover girls (l.-r., in order of appearance): Barbara LaMarr, Corinne Griffith, Pola Negri, Sylvia Breamer.
  • These cover portraits seem languid…somber…serious, don’t they–no sunny colors or smiling visages here.

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Photoplay April 1923 – Barbara LaMarr


  • April’s cover girl is Barbara LaMarr, known as the “girl who was too beautiful” thanks to Adela St. Rogers’s article in the July 1922 Photoplay.
  • Pauline Frederick is profiled. She was a well-known stage actress who made her onscreen debut at the “advanced” age of 31.
  • And yes, yet another feature on Valentino! This one purports to detail his “Hollywood Life.”

Here’s a LaMarr photo I have on Pinterest.


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Photoplay June-July 1922

Photoplay June 1922

Photoplay July 1922 Valentino

  • The June and July covers break with tradition. First, the June cover has a mirror shot instead of the standard portrait shot.
  • The June issue contains a profile on “The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful” by Adela Rogers St. Johns. The too beautiful girl in question? She’s not on the cover (that’s Mabel Ballin admiring herself) but it’s Barbara LaMarr, who had a banner year in 1922 with starring roles in Arabian Love, Domestic Relations,  The Prisoner of Zenda and Trifling Women.
  • And the July issue has an even more unusual cover–for the first time since the May 1916 issue ( D.W. Griffith), a man is spotlighted on Photoplay’s cover! It’s none other than Rudolph Valentino, in the famous portrait by Tempest Inman.

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